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NorthEast Theatre Ensemble presents SWEPT CLEAN, Written by Dr. Krysta Dennis.

An environmentally immersive experience that shares the stories of Catherine Rankin and her family as they try to hold on the cherished family home in the 1880s. Please join us as these stories unfold within the actual walls of the historic home.

Suzanna Bornn as Catherine Rankin*
Steve O'Connor as Edward Rankin, Sr*
Travis Fealy as John Gould*

Sheila O'Shea as Mrs. Russel*
Jordan Bray as Edward Rankin, Jr or 'Ned'

Brit McFadden as Mary

Maureen Aumand as Mrs. Trotter

Darlene Suto as Aunt Hat

Amelia Paul as Minnie

Megan Stuart as Nettie Trotter

Lydia Nightingale as Hattie

Donald Hyman as Jimmie

* = NorthEast Theatre Ensemble company member

**As always with our performances, seating is limited, and advance reservations are highly recommended.

**Please note that this is an historic house and is not wheelchair accessible.

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